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The Price of Carbon goes beyond an assessment of the science of climate change and the impacts of excess emissions. The book details viable pathways to transition economic practices and evaluates the policies and climate action plans of the top emitting countries. If severe damage from climate change is to be avoided, advanced economies must up the level of ambition to curtail emissions while developing countries must follow low carbon pathways of economic growth.

There remains less than 1 trillion tonnes of carbon dioxide in a budget of future greenhouse gas emissions aligned with the objective of the Paris Agreement to limit surface warming. At present the global level of ambition to combat climate change is insufficient and average temperatures are projected to increase by 3-4°C over the course of this century. The immense cost of inaction on our part will be borne by future generations as the planet warms, sea levels rise and oceans acidify, and the incidents and severity of wildfires, floods, cyclones, droughts and heat waves increase. Secondary effects of extreme climate change will include failures of food supply, climate migration, human conflict, disease outbreak and loss of life and livelihood.

Viable pathways to a sustainable future do exist. There is a brief window of opportunity to advance ambitions and strengthen policies. Applying a fraction of the future cost of climate change damage to progressively decarbonized global economies over the next 30 years is not only ethical but an exercise in common sense economics.

What’s New

Editorial Opinion: Saskatoon Star Phoenix and Regina Leader Post (May 16, 2009). Carbon Pricing and Climate Change Mitigation: This is not a hockey game. 

“The simple fact is that carbon pricing works, and is among the more cost effective means of achieving changes is consumer and industrial practices to lower emissions options,” writes David Maenz


Saskatoon Presentation (May 1st, 2019, 7:00 am). The Potential for Early Adoption of Bio-Energy with Carbon Capture and Storage in Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan Energy Management Task Force. EMTF Breakfast Presentation. $20 for non-members (includes breakfast). Arrive and register 7:00-7:15 am, breakfast 7:15- 7:50, presentation 7:50-8:30, Q&A 8:30-8:40.

New Podcast (Feb 7th, 2019). CFCR 90.5 FM, Saskatoon, SK. From the Ground Up. Dave Maenz and Mark Bigland-Pritchard discussing carbon pricing and the upcoming court challenge by the government of Saskatchewan to the federal Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing.

New Webinar post (December 20, 2018, 8:00 pm ET). The Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change: Canada’s Emerging Climate Action Plan. Presented by Dr. David Maenz. Hosted by Citizens’ Climate Education in partnership with Citizens’ Climate Lobby.

New blog post (December 9, 2018): Crank Up the Power: Canada’s Astounding Opportunity for Success Through Electrification and Decarbonization.

New blog post (December 1, 2018): The Ontario Government’s Tear Down and Replacement of the Provincial Climate Action Plan Would Increase the Target for Year 2030 Emissions by 27%.

New blog post (Nov 29, 2018): International Energy Agency, World Energy Outlook 2018, Sustainable Development Scenario with Well Below 2 C in Surface Warming. There is No Moral or Economic Justification for Inaction.

New blog post (Nov 7, 2018): A Rollback of Policies to Limit Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon Would Seriously Undermine the Global Effort to Mitigate Climate Change.

Climate Reality Project Canada. Webinar Oct 29th, 2018. Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change: Canada’s Emerging Climate Action Plan.

Citizens’ Climate Lobby Canada. Annual National Meeting. Oct 13th, 2018. Ottawa Ont. Keynote Presentation. Climate Change Mitigation – The Cost of Action vs Inaction.

New Blog: Carbon Pricing in BC – It Works: The How and Why this is Important to Canada’s Effort to Combat Climate Change

New Blog The Root Cause of Canada’s Upcoming “War on Carbon Pricing” is a Failure of Leadership Within the Governments of Saskatchewan and Ontario

New Blog “Burn the Money: The Grossly Misleading Saskatchewan Government Report on the Cost of a Carbon Tax”.

Calgary Book Launch Event. Saturday May 26th, 10:00 am, Mount Royal University, 4825 MT. Royal Gate SW. Calgary AB. Presentation by Dr. Maenz on climate change and climate policy. Focus on Alberta. Q&A session and book signing after the presentation. Hosted by Green Calgary as part of Green Event Day.

Webinar Presentation: An Overview of the Shell Sky Scenario for Meeting the Goals of the Paris Agreement. Tuesday May 29th, 4 pm PT, 7 pm ET. Dr. Maenz will summarize Shell’s scenario for a transition to zero net global emissions over the next 50 years. Webinar is hosted by Citizens’ Climate Lobby Canada Education and is freely available for all to attend. Where: Zoom Room 3920795005, https://citizensclimate.zoom.us/j/3920795005. Or dial in: 1 877.369.0926, meeting code: 3920 7950 05.

Citizens’ Climate Lobby is one of the world’s largest and most influential grass roots climate lobby organizations with 92,000 members and 479 chapters located across the globe. CCL’s advisory board is comprised of notable climate scientists, James Hansen, Katharine Hayhoe and Daniel Kammen along with former US Secretary of State George P. Shultz, former US Representative Bob Inglis and former US Secretary of Energy Steven Chu. Among the goals of CCL is to build political support across party lines for the adoption of fair, effective and sustainable climate change solutions.

Citizens’ Climate Lobby has reviewed The Price of Carbon and has released a strong endorsement of the book.

“Since the Paris Agreement in 2015, Canada has emerged on the world stage as a leader in carbon pricing. The Price of Carbon is a timely book full of important information for those seeking to understand the urgency of the climate crisis and the powerful solution of pricing carbon. Thank you David Maenz. The world needs carbon pricing. The world needs more Canada.”
– Mark Reynolds, Executive Director Citizens’ Climate Lobby

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The Price of Carbon has just launched a 30 minute video presentation on climate change, climate change policy and pathways to sustainable future. This video is free for use for educational purposes.

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Dr. Maenz has just started his book tour and is now available for Media Interviews and speaking engagements

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